Description :

Aside from the recording and mixing services, Studio du Flon has 10 years of experience in providing high end audio mastering to a wide array of artists and styles :

Erik Truffaz, Gilberto Gil, The Animen, Sophie Hunger, Stress, Stevans…

There are specifically dedicated stereo mastering equipment : Lavry, Dangerous music, Studer, Neve, Manley, Requisite. When coupled to the SSL console the client is offered a broad palette of options and versatility :

- simple digital mastering

- mastering with high end outboard analog devices

- mastering with analog tape machine

- audio stems mastering (ideal for small projects)

Delivered supports and formats :

- PMCD (CD audio, DVD audio/vidéo)  

- DDP Disc Description Protocol (Error protected, specially formatted for direct delivery to duplication factories)

- E-Mastering (FTP)

- Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) high quality audio file tested with the Apple tools. We are officially recognized by Apple as "MFiT Providers".


If you have obtained the ISRC codes for your production we can include this metadata in the mastering process.

Contact :

You have the possibility of reserving mastering sessions with the following engineers :

Greg Dubuis :

Benoît Corboz :

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