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                                                      Benoît Corboz

Accomplished musician, pianist and arranger, Benoît Corboz has also been recording, mixing and mastering for twenty years with the last 15 years at Studio du Flon. His approach to sounds and his work as an engineer in general remains very intuitive. He seeks to focus on the emotional and spontaneous aspects of studio recordings and production.

References :

Erik Truffaz, The Young Gods, Sophie Hunger, Pascal Auberson, Arsenic, Anna Aaron, Ray Anderson, Anouar Brahem, Christophe, Farafina, Daniel Humair, Moncef Genoud, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Geoffrey Oryema, Tété, Rokia Traore, Oxmo Puccino, Faber, Don't Kill The Beast, Dear Deer, ...

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Greg def2

                                                         Greg Dubuis

A true lover of music, Greg Dubuis plays piano, drums and guitar. He has broaden his horizons with the benefit of a double formation in electronics and audio engineering. For 20 years now, he works in Paris, London and Switzerland.

References :

Alex & Steph Attias, Elisabeth Troy, Incognito, Stress, Ilkhah, The Animen, Sophie Hunger, Yvan Peacemaker, Beholder, Rootwords, Factor X, Nega & Lumidee, Core 22, Booba, Deema, Stevans, Cardiac, Brainless, Climax, Reasons, Henri Dès, Erik Truffaz, Bastian Baker, Gilberto Gil, ...

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