Located in the town's centre, 5 minutes from the train station, in the oldest warehouse district du Flon. This is where the most diverse cultural activities abound (clubs, concert halls, cinemas, theatres, art galleries, FNAC, etc.). The recording studio is made up of a set of vaulted cellars 4m high with the total surface space divided into 4 areas as follows :

- The 120m3 control room

- The main recording studio is (160 m3) and equipped with a STEINWAY B piano designed to accommodate a jazz band, string or brass ensemble

- Booth N°1 is a 60 m3 isolation booth guaranteeing a clear, natural and full sound, ideal for isolated instruments especially drums

- Booth N°2 is designed with a particularly sound-absorbent ceiling to capture completely neutral sounds

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The wholly acoustics were specially developed by Chris ANET.

The antique exposed stone walls with their uneven design, the ceilings treated to absorb excess bass and ensure an even treble distribution as well as the positioning of large reflecting panels offer modular acoustics of an exceptional quality. 

Glass partitions separate the various areas, allowing the musicians to have eye contact while playing. A modern air conditioning system adapted to the specific needs of a recording studio offer optimal comfort for sessions during any season.

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